About Us

First off, thanks for checking out KutWorx.

My name is John McDougall.  My brother Kirk and I, although polar opposites (we even live on opposite ends of the country) found we had 2 things in common;

  1. We like being self-employed
  2. We LOVE knives

Although neither of us propose to be experts in the field of knife making, we do have a huge respect for the business and those that are.  We also have individual collections that started the same way most collections do, 1 knife at a time over some period of time.

My first pocket knife, a Victorinox (long since “lost” but never forgotten) was a gift from my Dad some 40 years ago.  Just so you know, “lost” really means he took away from me for nearly removing a friend’s thumb with it.  I’ve had a fascination with blades ever since and currently own/trade some 50-60 different pieces, just because I think they are cool.   My interest are pretty broad ranging from my original Ka-bar from when I served in the Navy to my Shun Classic Kiritsuke Knife, which gets a daily workout in my kitchen.  My current EDC is a Kershaw Knockout.

Kirk on the other hand is a master carpenter and has a serious demand for high quality steel.  But he is hard on his tools and his collection has a very high turnover.  He has a tendency to use, abuse and lose his knives, so high end hasn’t been his best friend.  He is however extremely serious about his BBQ, so he tends to treat his kitchen knives like his children – he loves his Wusthofs.  Kirk’s EDC is a NOVO NIRK from CRKT (at least for now).

KutWorx was formed with one thing in mind – BLADES!

Our intent to offer as many different blades as possible and have started with 30 of the top brands in the business.  We’ll be adding lines as quickly as they make sense and will do our best to be as competitive and helpful as possible.

Please call us anytime @ (866) 755-6665 if you have any questions or comments.