Boker 113210 Special Run Thorn Mokuti


Boker Special Run Thorn Mokuti After the highly successful Ansø 67 Mokuti, which appeared in 2012 in a limited small series and was sold out within a few days, with the Thorn Mokuti (Design Jim Burke from Mississippi / U.S.), we would like to present to all collectors who previously missed out, a new project that immerses even deeper into the “Mokuti” matter. Chad Nichols, also from Mississippi, with his stainless damask we have already used for some of our Damascus knives, is one of the few blacksmiths who masters the production of this damask-like welded composite of two titanium alloys worldwide. In a highly complex forging process, a material is created from two different titanium alloys, which is not only very exclusive, but also extremely durable.

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From this innovative and unique material that is otherwise used exclusively in high-quality custom knives, Böker manufactures world exclusively a complete frame lock knife in the production of series knives in the Böker Manufaktur Solingen. To raise the level of sophistication and exclusiveness in relation to the first Mokuti model, the Thorn Mokuti offers a complete handle made of valuable material. The back cover is also made from Mokuti and is designed as a frame lock from titanium, just like the standard model. A sanitized clip provides the special accent on the back of the handle. Regarding the blade, in order to meet the high level of this exclusive collector’s knife, we have chosen powder metallurgy CPM S35-VN for the blade steel, which sets new standards in terms of the cutting edge retention and other properties. The finely polished blade is notable for its two-tone finish that brings out the dynamic, but at the same a harmonious grind. This ensures that the intended exclusivity of this project is transferred from the handle to the blade. Only 199 knives are produced in two strictly limited series, one for Europe and one for the U.S., each with correspondingly coded serial number. Comes with certificate and in a high quality collector’s box. Overall length: 15,9 cm Blade length: 6,6 cm Weight: 87 g Blade thickness: 3,5 mm Blade material: CPM S-35VN Handle material: Titan Designer: Jim Burke Lock: Frame Lock