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More than 3 million ring lock folding knives are sold in the African Continent every year. These highly functional knives are owned and carried by people from every walk of life and are the go-to every day tool for almost every conceivable task. These versatile knives have stood the test of time, they have been in-use continuously for centuries and with good reason – they work! Cold Steel’s President Lynn C Thompson has long admired these knives and has seen them put to great use during his many visits to Africa since the 1980s. Now, we are proud to offer our interpretations of these enduring ring lock folders that we have called the Kudu and the Eland, and we are going to go “out on a limb” and state – these are the best folding knives in their price range in the world!

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Both the Kudu and the Eland feature highly rust resistant and beautifully mirror polished stainless steel blades that are expertly heat treated to offer an excellent balance between edge holding and ease of re-sharpening. Their glass reinforced Zy-Ex handles are not only attractive (with a wood grain texture and polished silver embellishments) but they are incredibly strong and durable.  Amazingly lightweight, versatile and functional, and affordable on almost any budget – the Eland and the Kudu represent a new standard in low cost, high performance folders. There is simply no excuse not to buy one today!   Name:  Eland  Blade Length:  5 1/4″  Blade Thickness:  11 7/8″   Overall Length:  11  Steel:  German 4116  Weight:  3.7 oz  Handle:  6 5/8″ Long Zy-Ex™