CRKT 2907K Hissatsu – Razor Edge – Black


Japanese swordsmithing dates back to 645 A.D. and has a proud craft tradition. Several years ago, we were asked to create a production fixed blade following these design traditions for ceremonial and martial arts use. The result was the First Strike™ 2705, which has proven very popular. We had immediate requests for larger and smaller versions, so we introduced the 2706 with a 5.50” blade and the 2703 with a 3.125” blade. The First Strike quickly developed a following among military and special services operators, so this year we are also offering a military OD version of the 2705, with non-reflective black EDP blade and Olive Drab cord wrap. These are unique knifes in the CRKT catalog, including their blade grinds, edges, and hand-wrapped handles. They are knives different in almost every way from familiar Western knives.

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