Boker 09KE183 Magnum Nakato Benchstone 1000 Grit


The secret of the world-famous sharpness and edge retention of Japanese blades is based on the quality of the steel and the manufacturing processes that were brought to perfection over hundreds of years. Nevertheless, even the best blades need some care and maintenance on a regular basis. Our new line of original Japanese sharpening stones, made by Masahiro, are the perfect tool to maintain and restore your blades to that extremely high level of sharpness.

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The stones consist of a water soluble matrix – by wetting the stone before use, fresh sharpening particles are permanently exposed during the sharpening process, which creates maximum sharpening ability. The stones should be handled according to the traditional method of Japanese sharpening, and never without water. The result will be more than satisfying! Size: 7″ x 2″. Height is approximately 3/4″. This model is perfect for honing, for razor sharp blades. Medium (1000) grit.