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There are knives that catch your attention immediately, while others leave you unmoved. Without doubt MC1 Mine Clearance Knife definitely belongs to the first category, not only thanks to the long double edge blade, but also because it is equipped with a true, anatomically designed grip. The blade is shaped with a little waist (wasp-waist) closest to the handle, which is a very unusual detail that is difficult to manufacture. Practical benefit – none at all! Beautiful – rather too! The sharpening of the knife is worth a little extra attention – we start from a 6 mm thick steel bar  and use a grinding stone with a very large diameter. That gives a light  hollow-ground shape which we later finish with a convex edge – by hand! That gives an extremely sharp, but also sturdy edge. The steel is a specially heat-treated stainless steel, the nowadays world famous laminated VG10 steel which is both strong and holds an edge well.   The handle is made out of grip safe Kraton, a material which has a good stability and is totally insensitive of solvent, oils and DEET. The tang is made of broad, protruding type and is visible at the end of the grip, like many of our knives. The knife is a result of an official request and order from a European military force and it’s being practically used  from the spring of 2002 as a mine clearance knife. Mod. MC1z Total length: 363 mm Blade length: 240 mm Blade thickness: 6 mm Tang: Broad, protruding tang Weight (knife): 360 g Steel: Lam.VG10 Blade hardness: 59 HRC Handle: Kraton® Sheath: Zytel®