CRKT 2906 Otanashi noh Ken


As a veteran and current martial arts practitioner/instructor, James Williams knows cutlery—especially the tactical variety. So, it’s no surprise that his Hissatsu™ knife designs have quickly become mainstays within the military Special Forces and tactical Law Enforcement communities across the globe. Whether a folding or fixed blade knife variation, these are focused, single-purpose knives, for use in close quarters battle (CQB) environments, either as a primary or a secondary weapon to augment the handgun in the hands of well-trained professionals. The Otanashi noh Ken™ was designed by James Williams per a request from SOCOM for a larger, thinner, folding combat knife that was easy to carry and conceal.

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The Osoraku style blade, made famous by the 16th century Samurai warlord Takeda Shingen, is efficient and effective. This knife has a longer blade than the Hissatsu™ Folder and yet is slimmer to carry than the popular Heiho folding knife. The Otanashi noh Ken™ and Hissatsu™ knife designs were developed for exceptional penetrating ability in tactical use situations. The clip allows deep, inconspicuous, carry and the frame lock design is for strength and simplicity in operations. James Williams’ work with worldwide military Special Operations and his extensive classical Samurai training means that this knife is designed to perform at the highest level, when you need it most. Dimensions Open Overall Length 10.13 inches Weight 6.4 ounces Blade Length 4.52 inches Thickness 0.16 inches Material AUS 8 Blade-HRC 58-59 Finish Bead Blast (Black Corrosion Resistant Coating) Grind Hollow Style Clip Point Edge Plain Handle Material Black G10 Lock Type Frame Lock Safety System LAWKS Carry Carry System 1 Position Clip