United Cutlery UC2803 S.O.A. Navy Seal Combat Fighting Knife


This Navy Seals Combat Fighter is constructed from one solid AUS-6 stainless steel spine with a combat-proven Teflon coating. Each knife arrives razor sharp with a 4 3/8” main blade, but also offers sawback serrations for cutting through tough rope and cordura. A sturdy wire breaker notch has been machined into the handle.

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The ABS-reinforced nylon sheath is wrapped with nylon emergency cord and can be fitted with standard military Alice clip (not included). There’s no better way to show your pride for the Navy Seals than with this S.O.A. Combat Fighter! • Blade Material : Teflon-coated AUS-6 stainless • Blade Length : 4 3/8” • Overall Length : 8 7/8” • Sheath : Durable Nylon Belt Sheath