Cold Steel 90SH Spike Hawk


While it’s certainly capable of performing utility chores, our Spike Hawk really excels when it’s used as a weapon. With one highly effective edge and a long spike, it puts any adversary on the horns of a fierce dilemma: Face the edge in brutal chopping, cutting, slashing and gouging attacks, or risk getting huge deep holes punched in you by the fearsome spike. To make matters even worse for an attacker, either end of the hawk can be used to hook or trap an opponent’s weapon, neck, arm or leg, to control or manipulate the situation to one’s advantage.

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Furthermore, the overall length of the of the hawk measures 9″ across making it a wide, stiff platform that can be punched into an incoming weapon arm to momentarily stop its forward motion and immobilize it. A superbly crafted leather sheath designed to safely house the point and edge is available and sold separately. Overall Length: 22″ Hawk Length: 9″ Primary Edge: 3 1/8″ Steel: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon Weight: 23.7 oz (approx.) Handle: American Hickory