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Elegant, modern folding knives The folding knives in the Tre Kronor series are lightweight, safe and beautiful. The new edge steel, 3G, is a revolutionary laminated anticorrosive steel, with a core comprising the well-proven powder steel Super Gold Powder Steel (SGPS) and sides of VG2. The size of the folding knives is adapted for active everyday use; and if a larger or stronger knife is needed, we recommend either of our sheath knives TK1 or TK2.

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Tre Kronor #3 The beautiful enduring design is the result of a long refinement process focusing on the functional concept of the folding knife. TK3 is a secure, solid folding knife, whose blade, in our new 3G steel, represents the best on the market today. The blade locks in its open position with a well-proven locking mechanism. Every folding knife is manufactured by hand, which should and does mean small variations. Black oak is made of a very special handle material, namely sea drowned oak. There are logs from old dams that have been on the seabed for hundreds of years that we have salvaged. Except for the fact that it is completely dead as a material considered, it is a little darker than common oak and shifts in patterns in a very interesting way. To our knowledge this is the first time ever that sea drowned oak is used as a handle material for advanced folding knives. So, please enjoy this stunning, sharp, safe knife. A few drops of vegetable oil now and then gives it an increased shine. Mod. TK3oak Length folded: 3.8″ (97 mm) Total length: 6.5″ (165 mm)    Blade length: 2.76″ (70 mm)     Blade thickness: 0.1″ (2,5 mm) Weigth: 100 g (3.5) oz Steel: 3G Hardness (edge): 62 HRC     Handle material: Swedish oak     Pouch: Black cordura