SOG TK-03 Toothlock – Black TiNi


The Toothlock is a new design expression. It combines our high performance piston lock but with the addition of a kick start device. Pull back the lock and the blade is nudged out of the handle to start its journey. Why the name the Toothlock? Check out the shape of the lock bar with its two lobe geometry. This new technology merges with an assertive handle pattern that changes direction to match the tactile points on the hand. You will find it stimulating. The blade shape is novel as well with a wavy reverse curve that cuts effortlessly while maintaining a thick reinforced tip for power penetration.

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The VG-10 san mai blade is ground to perfection and is reminiscent of ancient samurai designs. Toothlock… better than finding money under your pillow. Blade Length 3″ x .118″ Overall Length 7.3125″ Weight 3.3 oz. Edge Straight Steel VG-10 san mai HRC 59-60 Handle GRN Finish Black TiNi Includes Pocket Clip Country of Origin Japan