Cold Steel 88MAS U.S. Army Officer’s Saber


While we heartily approve of our Armed Forces wearing dress swords and sabers, we thought it was a shame that only unsharpened, poorly tempered wall hangers made of weak stainless steel are all that’s available. That’s why we decided to make our own truly battle worthy reproductions. They’re faithful in every detail to government specifications; they offer highly polished blades, appropriate etching and quality hilts and scabbards.

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The only real changes we have made are to drastically improve their performance as weapons by forging them from 1050 Carbon Steel and properly heat treating them to a tough spring temper before sharpening. Blade Length: 32″ Overall Length: 37 1/2″ Steel: 1055 Carbon Weight: 22.1 oz Handle: 5 1/2″ Scabbard: All Steel Scabbard