Ontario Knife Company 8417 Wyvern Axe


WYVERN AXE Developed in conjunction with US Military special operators focused on search and rescue missions, the Wyvern is designed to serve as a “crash axe” and breaching tool with wide applications for military, first-responder and civilian use. Made with 5160 steel, the steel that cuts other steel, and a heavy duty micarta handle; the Wyvern is utilized to make an initial impact point in an airframe or car body with the pick, to open the impact point with the cutting surface, and to peel back the airframe or car body like a can opener with the breaching claw.

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This tool is a powerful rescue/breaching system-proficient during emergency egress situations & to make short work of clearing a line of small trees, debris & wreckage; this smartly designed, rugged tool provides a level of quality and cutting power that has made Ontario Knife a leading provider of knives & tools to the U.S. military since World War I. The body of the Axe incorporates an epoxy based black-texture powder coated 5160 alloy steel, purpose-built for toughness, durability & dependability. It boasts an unwavering overall length of 18.9″ and an extended cutting surface that spans from the neck to the striking surface. Mindful during unforeseen emergency situations and military operations where every second counts, the 5160 hardened steel alloy will hold its edge. Armed with a multi-surface breaching pick and breaching claw, the Wyvern Axe is a tool that will answer the call of any situation. With a Spec Plus Leather Cordura Sheath, it is also easy and safe to pack and carry. From across the sea in unforgiving military conditions, to the rapid response of being first on the scene-and even the woods where everyone is huddled around a warm fire-the incredibly rugged, multi-dimensional Ontario Knife Wyvern Axe beckons to be summoned. Designed to serve as a “crash axe” and breaching tool w/ wide applications for military, police & fire 5160 Steel – “Steel that cuts other Steel” – Length 18.9″ Heavy Duty Micara Handle & Black Texture Epoxy Powder Coat Spec Plus Leather Cordura Sheath