Cold Steel 27TXLT XL Recon 1 Tanto Point


Our Recon 1 series have become, for many people, the ultimate tactical folding knife range. With a variety of sizes, blade shapes and edge configurations it offers unparalleled diversity, with a knife for virtually any situation. Our high quality materials and world-beating Tri-Ad® lock ensure that even our super-tiny micro series offer a strength and security that our competitors can only dream about. Ever popular with the Military, Law Enforcement and civilians alike, the Recon 1 series has been tried, tested and proven again and again. Now, for 2013 we are proud to include additions to the Recon 1 lineage. Our XL series feature all of the same great performance, cutting power and security of our other Recon series tactical folders, but on an even bigger scale!

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With monstrously thick, wide 5 1/2″ blades (available in both Tanto and Clip Point configurations) they are astonishingly effective but still very easily carried in a pocket or clipped to a waistband. Name:  XL Recon 1 Tanto Point Blade Length:  5 1/2″ Blade Thickness:  4 mm Overall Length:  12 1/4″ Steel:  Japanese Aus 8A Stainless Weight:  8 oz Handle:  6 3/4″ Long G-10 Pocket Clip:  Ambidextrous Pocket / Belt Clip